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  Ghosthouse FX is a company that started with a dream in music. My friends and I gave 15 years of our lives to the music industry.
At times, performing 3 nights in a row. We would record our music at my friend Art's house who we called Ghostman. When someone would ask me "where are you going"?, I would respond "Ghost's house". Some of my fondest memories come from that era that's why I named my company Ghosthouse FX. 

  When you give something your all and that is your only means of survival sometimes money can get a bit short. I took it upon myself to learn graphic design for our album covers, flyers and posters. In my spare time I took a certificate program with an emphasis in graphics and multimedia at the Digital Media Center arts center of Santa Ana College. Photography go's hand in hand with graphics and in order to have the latest pictures of the group, I bought myself a camera and learned photography and Photo editing.

  Once things started to dwindle down and all of us had kids, our priorities changed. This is where I started to fall in love with film, so I bought a video camera and began to learn the ins and outs of videography and post production. As you can see I love learning new things. I Launched Ghosthousefx in 2019 and shortly after I begun to build great relationships which I still hold dearly today. 

  I now combine all of my skill sets with modern tools and advancements to create marketing products and web based content for small businesses and corporations. My company works side by side with a group of freelancers who became my friends through one project or another. You can say I have recruited some of the best at their skill sets like illustration, color grading and vector reconstruction. Kinda like the story of Professor X and the X-Men except my name is Mavie Corral and this is Ghosthouse FX.

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